Accountants for contractors

Simple but smart accounting for contractors, freelancers and locums

Small Business Accounting Takapuna are accredited specialist accountants for contractors, freelancers and sole traders. Whether or not you have just started contracting or if you have been contracting for a while, if you need to know that your tax obligations are being met compliantly, we can make life easier for you. We have the online tools and know-how to get you sorted remotely without ever needing to come into our North Shore, Auckland offices if you prefer.

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GST for Contractors

GST legislation and requirements are constantly being amended. We like to make things things easy for our clients by providing everything that you need and nothing that you don’t.

We can help take care of your:

  • GST Registration requirements
  • Preparing GST returns
  • Filing and adjusting GST returns

Go ahead and use our simple GST Calculator to add and subtract GST to your invoices.

Insurance Cover for Contractors

As a contractor, it is crucial to get the right advice and correct insurances in place. In some industries having the right insurance is a condition of you getting the contract. It’s a no-brainer to insure your car. You do this because it provides some financial protection when/if thing go wrong. The financial impacts of under-insuring or not taking out the right insurance in business has significantly more financial impact if you get it wrong.

As a contractor, learn more about how you can protect yourself and get the correct contractor insurances in place.

Lowering costs

One thing we find in common with most contractors is that they independent and never afraid to give things a go and rightly so. This is great to see and in most areas it can be significantly advantageous. However, when it comes to understanding and staying compliant with taxation obligations and changes we do end up doing a significant amount of ‘fix-up’ work. This is where people have, understandable, tried to lower their costs and try do their accounting themselves DIY. This almost always ends up costing them more when they later need to get things put right and fixed up with Accountants for Contractors.

By working with us you can relax knowing everything is taken care of and you know what is going on. This lets you concentrate on bringing in more business and more time for friends, family and clients.

9/10 it always works out costing you less by at the beginning involving, specialist accountants for contractors like Small Business Accounting Takapuna. So if you have hit a road block or your Xero is looking a mess and not balancing – don’t worry we can help fix you up!

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No minimum contract

We entirely confident that you will be happy with our service we do not have a minimum contract commitments for our services. Our monthly package fees are deducted monthly via bank Direct Debit and if you would like to leave you can let us know, cancel the Direct Debit and we will stop work right away. Compare us to other – our fees are know to be some of the most affordable and transparent in Auckland.

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Recent taxation changes effecting contractors

As of 1 April 2017 the rules and requirements around deducting withholding tax have changed. Now all contractors and some specific businesses have to complete the following new IRD form: IR330C – Tax Rate Notification Contractors
The IRD’s purpose behind this is to provide further separation between employees and contractors and the tax codes that each should use. There is now also the ability for contractors to elect the tax rate to be deducted rather than just using the standard rates.

If you’re currently a contractor and feel that you have your current withholding tax rate set at the right rate, you don’t need to do anything. If you would like help choosing the best rate of your withholding tax deductions, get in touch today. Talk to us about our Accountants for Contractors services and we can arrange a time to discuss and get this sorted for you.

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