Our simple fixed fee monthly accounting plans

We know you need some help with the accounts and tax compliance, but we also know you don’t want to be charged an arm and a leg.

Just like you we prefer to have some idea of the total cost of a service before jumping in. That’s where our simple and affordable accounting monthly plans are designed to fit businesses of all sizes. So whether you’re a start-up or an established company, we’ve got something to suit you and your budget.

Transparent Pricing

We are committed to being upfront and transparent with all our pricing. We are widely regarded as having some of the best value and affordable accounting services in Auckland – ask around to see for yourself. Everyone’s accounting requirements are different. Some sets of accounts require numerous hours from an accountant to complete, where as others are very simple and straight forward.

Like most professional accountants we charge on a ‘Time in Attendance’ basis. We prefer to simply charge for the time it takes to complete your accounting work.

Our accountants’ hourly charge rate is: $150.00+gst

Our fees are all tax-deductible.

The below summary of fees provides our best estimate for standard accounting work assuming everything is in order. It is for shown here to act as a helpful guide however we suggest you contact us to discuss your individual requirements:

Individual Tax returns from just $500+gst
Limited/LTC company Setup from just $450+gst
Registered Office for companies from just $175+gst
Rental property returns from just $500 +gst

If you require a fixed fee quote, just pick up the phone and call us to discuss what work is involved to get you on track.

Monthly Plans

Our monthly plans are simple way of getting all your affordable accounting and tax compliance sorted. In the same way that you might pay for your mobile phone monthly plan, payment for our service is easily established by a monthly automatic payment.

Contact us today for your no-obligation, free initial consultation
so we can determine how much your work should be costing you.

DIY Basics Plan

This market-leading affordable accounting, low cost option suits people who just want to get on with it but need help with their tax compliance and or GST work. This is our most popular plan for those who know what they are doing and just need their accounts filed without ongoing billable support and questions from their accountant.

  • DIY Basics Plan - priced from:
    $150/ month + GSTWHAT YOU GET
    • Annual financial accounts
    • Income tax return (IR4, IR7, IR3)
    • Monthly coding by our accountant team
    • Completion of your GST returns
    • Monitoring of your taxes, to ensure you’re compliant but not over-paying
    • Complimentary annual review meeting when requested

IMPORTANT – Phone and email accounting questions and support are charged separately at $150+gst per hour when required.

Full Service Plan

This is our premium full-service plan. This option suits people who require ongoing support and questions from their accountant.

We are frequently told that this is the best value small business accounting package in Auckland.

  • Full Service Plan - priced from:
    $250/ month + GSTWHAT YOU GET
    • Annual financial accounts
    • Income tax return
    • Monthly coding by our accountant team
    • Completion of your GST returns
    • Monitoring of your taxes, to ensure you’re compliant but not over-paying
    • Complimentary annual review meeting when requested
    • Reviewing performance when requested
    • Up to 2 x extra hours monthly, of your accountant’s time, answering and supporting your accounting and tax

Fixed Fee quotes for well-established businesses

If you are an established business and require a set fixed fee quote for your first year’s accounting fee with us, we can do this. You simply need to supply your most recently completed end of year accounts from your old accountant. We will be able to determine the likely amount of work required from your last set of accounts and then be comfortable to provide you with a fixed fee quote.

We can usually provide a quote which is at least 10% better than what you were previously paying, after being supplied with you last set of annual accounts. Ask us about lowering your current accounting fees – you will be surprised how much we are able to save you.

Our Service Guarantee

Our experience and positive client feedback means we are confident to provide a new customer guarantee. If you enrol in one of our monthly accounting plans and for any reason you are not completely impressed with the service provided – you can cancel at anytime in the first 2 months and we will refund all of your money back to you.

We are that confident that you will be pleased with your decision to work with us.


Can you Review & Repair my Xero?

Xero is simple and smart software, but it’s still easy to make silly mistakes. Whether you’re new to Xero or you have been using it for a while, if you’re not quite sure if you’re doing things correctly, save yourself time and costly problems later on by chatting to our Xero accountants. We’ll make sure that your Xero is set up correctly and optimised to make life easy for you.

We simply charge our accountant’s time on a ‘time in attendance’ basis to fix up your Xero and get your accounts to balance. Our hourly charging rate is shown on this page. Once you are set up correctly we can discuss what would be the most cost-effective accounting plan for your needs moving forward.

Contact us today to see how we can get you set-up or fixed-up on Xero.

I need some accounting work done urgently, can you help?

If you need ad-hoc work completed at short notice, like putting together financials for a bank or other similar requests, we do provide clients a Priority Service Option. This costs just $149+gst additional to our accountant’s ‘time in attendance’.

To meet a tight deadline for you we will re-prioritise our work-flow and assign an accountant to complete your work as a top priority. Call or email us today so we can help provide an estimate on the work.

What are your responsibilities to being able to keep your accounting costs low?

Our efforts are always to ensure your accounting requirements are met in the most cost-effective way possible for you. We have simple tools and tips to help you keep your accounting costs down. If you would also like to be able to benefit from our best value accounting fee structure, you need to keep things straight forward and follow some basic principles:

  • Keep your Personal and Business bank account transactions separate – this is one of our most important criteria
  • Respond on time to our e-mails
  • Supply requested information on time
  • Be on the right monthly accounting plan – do you need ongoing accountant support and questions answered?

By following the above tips we will be in a good position to help work with you and keep your accountancy costs down.

Whats is the right accounting plan for me?
  • Do you know what you are doing? If you don’t require ongoing accounting support and questions to be answered, outside of just getting your accounts completed each year – great! Our monthly DIY Basics Plan will be able to keep your costs down.
  • Are you just starting out and have a lot of questions? Do you need help setting things up correctly? Are you likely to need ongoing advice and support from your accountant? No problem! You will get the most value out of our monthly Full Service Plan.

If you are unsure still, the good news is that neither of our monthly accounting plans are locked in. You can switch between them anytime you like when you feel the time is right. Contact us today and we can book in your free, no-obligation consultation where we can help work out the right accounting package for your requirements.